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The organized events are devoted to Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Thus even the smallest service restores our connection with the Lord and fills the consciousness with joy. That’s why we always look forward to joining the volunteer team!

Would you like to do some service at the festival? Contact the manager of the particular service you prefer:

The registration of the festival participants

Organising the registration of the participants of the festival.

Organising the work of the kitchen

Organising the wrok of the kitchen: forming the meniu, coordinating buying and transporting the foodstuffs, managing the work ot the volunteers in the kitchen, managing the cooking facilities and the kitchen equipment, looking after the cleaniness of the cooking process as well as the overall cleaniness in. the kitchen.

The chef of the kitchen

Coordinates the work of all festival chefs in making prasadam.

Organising of prasadam distribution

Organising the serving of prasad to the participants of the festival: coordinating the work of the serving team, arranging the dining halls, arranging the preparation of the cutlery, looking after the oevrall cleaniness in dining areas.

The decoration of the hall

Prema Nalini devi dasi

+370 684 42178

Organising the decoration of the hall: cooradinating the team of the decoration, managing the equipment of the decoration, decorating the hall in general as well as the lecture/kirtan scene and the altar for the Deities. Managing the clearing the hall after the festival.

Reception of guests

The head of the department takes care of the reception of guests including: organising the transport to and from the festival place; organising the greeting as well as the farewell of the guests; taking care of the accommodation and all other needs of the guests during the festival.

The festival sound, lighting and broadcast

Gaura Krishna das

+370 685 83662

Coordinating the work of the volunteers who look after the sound, lighting, recording, and broadcast of the lectures and kirtans at the festival. Also managing the transportation of the audio and other equipment, and setting it for work.

Organizing Translations

Anuradha Priya devi dasi

+370 645 36451

Organizes and coordinates volunteers’ team for the translations into Lithuanian, Russian and English languages.


If you need help getting to the venue from the airport or railway station, contact bh. Donatаs.

Kirtan program coordination

Takes care of the preparation and coordination of the kirtan program.

Festival venue coordinator and publicity

Coordinates all services held at the venue and takes care of event publicity.