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The organized events are devoted to Sri Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Thus even the smallest service restores our connection with the Lord and fills the consciousness with joy. That’s why we always look forward to joining the volunteer team!

Would you like to do some service at the festival? Contact the manager of the particular service you prefer:

Festival organizer

Lalita Kishori devi dasi

+370 628 38240

Organizes Kirtan Mela festival.

Kirtan program coordination

Kanai Krishna das

+370 625 84778

Takes care of the preparation and coordination of the kirtan program.

Organization of work in the kitchen

Balarama das

+370 646 53267

Organizes work of the festival kitchen.

Kitchen chefs

Ramešvara das
Vrindavan Bihari das
Madhurya Šakti devi dasi
Gadai Gauranga das

Cooking breakfast and lunch at the festival.

Arrangement of Prasad distribution

Organizes the distribution of Prasad to festival participants: coordinates the work of the Prasad distribution team, preparation of the hall, maintenance of cleanliness.

Reception of guests

Takes care of the welcoming of the festival guests.

The registration of the festival participants

Organising the registration of the participants of the festival.

Decoration of the festival hall

Bhaktini Milda

+370 698 78079

Organizes the decoration of the festival hall: prepares and decorates the hall, the stage for conducting lectures and kirtans. Managing the clearing the hall after the festival.

Organization of translations

Organizes and coordinates a team of volunteers who take care of translating the festival lectures into Lithuanian.

Festival publicity

Sadhumayi devi dasi

+370 609 82776

Takes care of publicizing the event on the internet and social networks. Creates an aesthetic presentation of the festival. Prepares the event poster, takes care of updating the information on the festival website.

Festival photographer

Bhaktini Agnė


Takes care of perpetuating the festival.

Festival videos

Bhakta Simonas

+370 609 82776

Takes care of perpetuating the festival.

Children’s program organizer

Bhaktini Greta

Organizes a children’s program.


If you need help getting to the venue from the airport or railway station, contact bh. Donatаs.