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Our festival is a non-profit event. All the collected funds are used to cover the costs of the festival expenditure only. Many of you give a helping hand and contribute by helping to set out the festival place, by decorating the hall, by making beautiful flower garlands to the Deities and to the teachers, by taking a good care of the sound system, by organising a broadcast online, by preparing tasty prasadam, by looking after the children, by maintaining the cleanness and by doing so many other services that create a wonderful festival for all of us.

In addition, you can contribute to the festival by donating a small portion of your energy expressed in a monetary state – without your generous donations this festival would not take place. Collected funds will enable us to serve the spiritual teachers and all the vaishnavas better. A part of all festival expenditure is covered by the festival fee and the other part we seek to collect through sponsorship.

To make the altars beautiful we would like to dedicate € 500. You can contribute the full amount, or donate 125 € one for any of the Deities Altar – we’ll have 4 of them this year.

In addition as much mercy will be given to those who will contribute to our guests by honouring them with flower garlands – spiritual masters, sannyasi, disciples of Srila Prabhupada and vaishnavas, committed to the Holy Name. We are planning to dedicate 300 euros and make 30 garlands. You can contribute the full amount, or as much as your heart and pocket lets you – you can donate to one garland – 10 eur.

For donation:

VSI Krisnos festivaliai
Account LT977300010149495971
Mark – “for Diety flowers”, or “for the flower garlands”


Give a fellow soul a chance to participate in the festival

We are aware that there are devotees who are not able to join us at the festival because of their financial situation. They need our support, care and love. Donate the amount of money you wish and create a celebration for them!

In the field of purpose of payment specify “Donation to a fellow soul”, and we will use these funds to those who need it the most.


How to make a payment

You may make a payment through direct transfer of funds to the festival’s bank account or making a payment through Paypal.

Beneficiary address: Savanoriu pr. 37, LT-44255 Kaunas, Lithuania
Beneficiary country: Lithuania (LT)
Beneficiary’s account: LT827300010155841399
Beneficiary ID: 304368084
Beneficiary bank name: „Swedbank“, AB
Beneficiary bank address: Konstitucijos pr. 20A, LT-03502 Vilnius, Lithuania
Purpose of the payment: Specify for who you are giving support
Payment via Paypal

Sponsors of the Festival

All devotees will be grateful to you for any donation, however, those who are rewarded by Krishna in this life with wealth and generosity we kindly invite to become the Patrons of the festival (donation of 1000 EUR and over) and Main sponsors (donation of 500 EUR and over).
Both Patrons and Main Sponsors will be rewarded with special maharajas’ mercy and personal gifts.
The list of all the sponsors will be published on our website and announced during the festival.
If covering all the costs of the Festival still remain the availability of funds, they will be used to reduce fees for the next festival in 2020.