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Volunteering at Summer Festival

It is the duty of every living being to perform welfare activities for the benefit of others with his life, wealth, intelligence and words.

„Srimad-Bhagavatam“ 10.22.35

Vaishnava Summer Festival  is a wonderful celebration and the opportunity to serve to spiritual master and to all the devotees. Even the smallest service will delight your heart and adorn your participation at the festival with new colors, let you feel a new spiritual taste and quality in chanting the Holy Name. You will definitely acquire new friends and get the opportunity to look up behind the scenes of the festival.

For those who decide to serve most of his time at the festival, we offer special terms of participation and stay.

We especially invite those who can help in the preparations of the Festival – to decorate Sadhu-sanga and Kirtan hall, help with kitchen equipment or build a tent city on 19-21, July (before the festival).

Would you like to do some service at the festival?

Contact the manager of the particular service you prefer:

Volunteering coordination center

Decoration of the hall and altar

Organising of prasadam distribution

Anudhara das

Children activities

Cleaning maintenance

Registration of the festival participants

Mohini dd

+370 689 48583


bh. Donatas


Flower decoration

Lala Bihari d.d


Organising the work of the kitchen

Kalindi Priya das, bh. Artur


Audio & Video Streaming

Gaura Krišna das


Organizing Translations

Anuradha Priya devi dasi

+370 645 36451

Guru seva

Govinda Vani das


Festival place preparation


Vaishnava Seva das


Tota Gopinatha das


Volunteering at kitchen

Baba Gulia

Garland weaving

Bhakti d.d

Festival promotion