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Support one of the prominent preaching events in Lithuania! Padayatra is a non-profit event, all the collected funds are used to cover the expenses of the festival. Any funds left are used for the next year’s festival organization. Every year we have around 50 devotees who travel on Padayatra; however, their tickets cover only the accomodation and prasadam. This way, the cost of the festival covers only part of the expenses, all the other expenses are covered with donations. We invite you to support the festival by donating for the other expenses of the festival. Your donations will help us to serve the Deities, spiritual master and the devotees to our best capacity.

Most of the devotees support the festival with their service: help with festival preparations, decorating the Deities and the chariot, making garlands for Deities and spiritual masters, distributing books and prasadam, dancing, helping in kitchen, cleaning and rendering many other services that make this festival possible. Other devotees choose another type of service – to contribute to the oganization of the festival with their donations. These donations cover the cost of the bus, flowers, travel and living cost of the guests, prasadam for the guests, travel costs and bhoga for the Deities, transportation of the chariot, prasadam distribution and other organizational expenses.


The list of expenses that will be covered by donations

Bus rent 1500.00 €
Transportation of the Deities and chariot 500.00 €
Bhoga for the Deities 150.00 €
Flowers 300.00 €
Travel cost of the guests 300.00 €
Accomodation of the guests 300.00 €
Prasadam for the guests 150.00 €
Sweets fot distribution 600.00 €
Other expenses 300.00 €

Give a chance for another devotee to attend!

There are devotees, who would like to attend Padayatra, but cannot pay for the tickets, also there are devotees who cannot attend themselves, but can pay for the tickets of another devotee. If you give a chance for another devotee to attend in Padayatra, it is the same as participating yourself.

Any donation is very significant. You can pay the whole price of the ticket or part of the price. In this way more devotees will be able to attend Padayatra, as some devotees will be able to attend for free or for a lower price.


How to pay

You can donate to the festival account or through the Paypal system.

Recipient’s code: 304368084
Recipient’s address: Savanoriu pr. 37, LT-44255 Kaunas, Lithuania
Recipient’s bank account: LT807300010152082685
Recipient’s bank: „Swedbank“, AB
Payment purpose: Donation for Padayatra festival