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Service at Padayatra

Everyone who attends the festival are engaged in some service. We try to create a spirit of cooperation and in this way create and a powerful preaching program.

If you’ve attended Padayatra festival before, most probably you already have a service. If not, please choose  a department where you would like to serve and inform a head of that department about your existing or desired service.


In charge of the kitchen team, which creates the menu, buys bhoga, prepares vegetables, transports the kitchen facilities and sets up the kitchen in a new place.

Guru Kitchen

Radharani devi dasi

Organizes prasadam for the guests.

Laundry of the Guests

Sulakshmana devi dasi

Organizes washing and ironing of the guests’ clothes.

Book Distribution

Bhakta Egidijus

Organizes book distribution in the festival: orders the books for the festival, gives out the books to book distributors, announces the book distribution results and counts the collected donations.


Mohini Shakti devi dasi

Buys flowers, organizes the making of garlands for the Deities and guests.


Bhaktin Syta

Main photographer of the festival.