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Many of you already contribute by helping to prepare the festival place, by decorating the hall, by making beautiful flower garlands for the Deities and guest speakers, by taking care of the sound system, by organizing an online broadcast, by preparing tasty prasadam, by looking after children, by maintaining the cleanliness and by doing so many other services that create a wonderful festival for all of us.

In addition, you may contribute to the festival by donating a small portion of your energy in the form of money – without your generous donations this festival would not take place. Collected funds enable us to serve the spiritual masters and all the Vaishnavas better. A part of all festival expenditure is covered by the festival fee and the other part we seek to collect through sponsorship.

We sincerely thank you all for your contribution!


In order to cover these planned expenditures fully, donations are being collected

Flight tickets and provision for the festival guests 5000.00 €
Donations for the festival guests 4000.00 €
Food products, rent of the kitchen and other kitche-related expenditure 7500.00 €
The big feast on Saturday, 19 January 1200.00 €
Flowers for the garlands of the guests and the decoration of the altar 800.00 €
Instalation and the decoration of the hall 800.00 €
Playing tools for the children programs 200.00 €

Give a fellow soul a chance to participate in the festival

There are devotees, who because of their difficult financial condition are unable to join us at the festival. They are in need of our support, care and love. Donate whatever you can and bring them joy! In the field of purpose of payment specify “Donation to a fellow soul”, and we will use these funds to those who need it the most.

How to make a payment

You may make a payment through direct transfer of funds to the festival’s bank account or making a payment through Paypal.

Beneficiary address: Savanoriu pr. 37, LT-44255 Kaunas, Lithuania
Beneficiary country: Lithuania (LT)
Beneficiary’s account: LT827300010155841399
Beneficiary ID: 304368084
Beneficiary bank name: „Swedbank“, AB
Beneficiary bank address: Konstitucijos pr. 20A, LT-03502 Vilnius, Lithuania
Purpose of the payment: Specify for who you are giving support
Payment via Paypal

Sponsors of the festivals

Thanks to the Winter Festival sponsors:
Bhakta Kestutis For Winter Festival 2017 2744.00 €
Bhaktin Evelina For Winter Festival 2018 and Summer festival 2018 2000.00 €