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Registration to Summer festival


Living conditions

The summer festival will be held in a beautiful corner of nature – by Bebrusai lake, in a pine forest, in the area of the recreation center “Ruta” and SPA hotel “Belvilis”.

Recreation center “Ruta”

Ruta resort is located in a beautiful pine forest near the Bebrusai lake, in a quiet and picturesque corner of Lithuania.

During the festival you can relax in the cozy wooden cottages. Each cottage has rooms with comfortable beds, bed linen, most have a shower and toilet inside.

In all cottages you will also find a refrigerator, an electric stove, a kettle, and a set of dishes (plates, cups, spoons and forks).

Most houses have fireplaces and kitchenettes.

Rooms in cottages are 3-place, 4- place, 5- place and 11- place.

The property has an outdoor tennis court and a beach area, and boat hire and water bike hire are available.

Please note that in Ruta recreation center can only register for 7 nights or 3 nights (option 4 only – 90 euro) ! When registering for 3 days, please note arriving and leaving days.

Select the days by registering below in the “Number of days of stay»

Cottages and rooms:

Option 5
5-place house with fireplace and beds. WC and shower next to the house.

Option 7
Dormitory areas where you can stay with your own sleeping bag and mat. WC and shower outdoor.

Option 4
8-place house with terrace with beds. It has two 4-bed rooms with separate entrances from outside. Each room have a kitchenette. There is a large balcony – terrace. WC and shower next to the house.

Option 6
11-place cottage (3 separate rooms plus living room with fireplace) with beds. WC and shower next to the house.

Tent camp


Option 8

We invite all participants who wish to stay in their own tents.

– showers with hot water
– big tents for changing clothes, separate for prabhu and mataji (with a mirror)
– parking


SPA Hotel „Belvilis“ 4*


Hotel “Belvilis” – is the unity of complementary modernity and nature beauty, offering amazing nature landscape, comfortable and active recreation, and providing maximally professional services.

“Belvilis” is located in Labanor forest, on the shore of lake Bebrusai, just next to the recreation center Ruta. The hotel has a complex of baths and swimming pool. Accommodation includes a two-time visit during the stay to the SPA complex.

Please note that in Hotel Belvilis can only register for 6 nights (from 1 to 7 August) !

Select the days by registering below in the “Number of days of stay»

You can find more about Belvilis

Cottages and rooms:


Option 14
Apartment in a hotel building (4-5 beds).

The apartment consists of two rooms – bedroom and a living room. They perfectly combine modern luxury and home comfort. Excellent hand-woven natural rattan furniture made by the Italian company “Gervasoni” creates a sense of exceptional luxury and emphasizes the individuality of cozy rooms.

Attention – in the bedroom there are two fixed beds and in the living room there are 2-3 extra beds with excellent mattresses. If you note in the comments to the order that you choose a side bed, the price for accommodation will be 20% lower (does not apply to the children’s option).


Price and Registration

Attention, last minute offer for accommodation in Hotel SPA Belvilis –
discount of  20% for chalets and rooms in chalets
(price already includes discount)

If your option is Belvilis, please choose 6 days (from 1 to 7 August)